PREMUS 600 with Vario Kampac

Variable testing packer from 200 - 600 mm


Detailed Method Statement:
The Vario Kampac has two test plugs, connected via a telescopic rod for leak tests up to 5 m distance with one end having a packer together with a pan and tilt camera. Similar to our satellite systems, there is a special adaptor for a flexible or spring-loaded connection to the main camera. At this connection, the lateral sealing plug is fixed; which is then accurately positioned through the movement of the pan and tilt of the camera as well as through the maneuvering of the crawler.
With the M-series the plug can be positioned up to 5 m into the lateral.
The entire positioning process is observed by the camera and once accurately positioned, the packers in the main line and the sealing plug in the lateral will be filled with compressed air, after which the tests will be started using the appropriate test pressure.
The Vario Kampac system is equivalent to the joint test system therefore the test reports are also issued with the Rausch software PipeCommander.

The lateral has been sealed by a sealing plug and the house connection can now be tested using a plug at the house side entry provided the relevant equipment is available.

The Premus control unit in combination with Vario Kampac can also be used with water for the pressure test of joints, branch connections and laterals. Since a large amount of water would be required to fill the test sections for laterals it is recommended to use external water supply, i.e. hydrant or flushing vehicle.


Premus 600

Kampac hose drum with pneumatic drive

Control Block

Manual hose drum for joint test with water

Testing packer

Maxiflex Gel

Compressed air and pneumatic unit

Water tank

PC, Software, Monitors, Printer for documentation and recording of the test results.

Accessories, components and van interior design is dependent on the individual requirement.