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Pressure test equipment for reach test using air and/or water.

The majority of the pressure test systems have been provided in van versions such as Mercedes Benz Sprinter 3,5 to or equivalent.
The interior design is either in stainless steel or aluminum checker plate, including a water tank with up to 200 liters capacity, vacuum pump, generator and a separate crane to handle the test plugs and stoppers.
In the operator room, the PC with the Rausch software PipeCommander, monitor, printer for documentation and records as well as a UPS standby unit for the PC are found.

The choices are:
Premus 150 for pressure test with air and/or water up to 300 mm
Premus 600 for pressure test with air/water/vacuum


Premus 150mobile steuereinheit

Portable system to test manholes, mainlinesand light fluid separators
In addition to manhole and mainline tests - like the Premus MH - Premus 150 allows tests of pipes up to 300 mm with air up to 350 mbar (optional: water and air test up to 1 bar).

  • Portable control unit for pressure test of laterals
  • Connection for maximum 3 external sensors for liquid separators and manholes at the same time
  • Integrated pressure sensor +/- 350 mbar
  • Separator test equivalent to Premus MH line tests up to 300 mm with air (up to 350 mbar)
  • Data acquisition via USB

Optional: Water and air test up to 500 mbar



Built-in system for air or vacuum tests of sections from 70 mm - 2500 mm.premus 600

Build in system for water /air pressure tests of main lines from 70 - 2000 mm with separate crane to lower the test plugs and bubbles into the manhole.
Rear room with stainless steel walls and corrugated aluminium flooring, aluminium profile racks, water tank, vacuum pump and generator.
Extendable for tests with water up to 1 bar, manhole and light fluid separator tests.

  • Control unit for pressure test of reaches and manholes
  • Integrated pressure sensor +/- 350 mbar
  • Pressure tests from 300 mm with pressure sensor up to 750 mbar
  • Connection for maximum 3 external sensors
  • Data acquisition via USB or RS422
  • Activation of external pressure sources

Test plugs and stoppers as well as respective accessories vary from application to application.


Compressed air and pneumatic unit

  • Compressor, intake power 200 l/min
  • Compressed air tank, 40 l, 8 bar
  • Vacuum pump 220 V, 60 cm³, pressure 600 mbar, toggle switch filling test mode for reaches
  • Filling and deflating of larger plugs/stoppers












Premus control unit for pressure test in a mobile roller box.