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Pressure testing


dichtheitspruefungThe efficient software solution for CCTV inspections and pressure tests (e.g. according to ATV-M 143-6, EN 1610 or DIN 1999-100) combines a wide array of functions for professional operation with user-friendly controls and high flexibility. Due to the unified design the handling of the menus and wizards takes place analogue to those in the CCTV inspection. Via the integrated macro controls of PipeCommander, which automatically regulates many operations already, all test units are operated, to additionally relieve the work.

The modular concept of the software allows subsequently installing new components to expand PipeCommander as required. This way the program can be adapted to different challenges at the hand of a client.

  • Powerful configurable client and project administration.
  • Reach testing with air, vacuum or water
  • Manhole testing with vacuum or water
  • Joint testing with air or water
  • Seperator testing with water
  • Extensive documentation and protocolling including line charts
  • Graphical schematic of manholes (and reservoirs)
  • User interface available in many languages

PipeCommander is available as inspection software for use in vans and is also available as an office version to administrate and post process the recorded data.