Pressure test system for single joint tests from 200 - 600 mm (Patent No.DE19740276).

The tests can be carried out either by air or water; the test sleeves are separately filled. Packer pressure, variable 1,5 - 4,5 bar; test pressure selectable up to 500 mbar.

This pressure test system consists of the control unit Premus 600, supplemented by the respective Kampac test packer according to the pipe diameters. A pan and tilt camera is integrated inside the packer. Between the two packer sleeves, is a Plexiglas which allows the camera a 360°view of the pipe for accurate positioning and optical control of the joint during the tests.
The Kampac packer is connected to a crawler and thereby driven to the joint to be tested. The controls, i.e. the pressure transmitter is connected directly at the packer and operated through a magnetic valve. Therefore, the pressure is measured directly at the packer which results in the fact that the volume of air inside the hose doesn't have any effect on the measurement.

To use this joint test system, a CCTV inspection unit is mandatory.


Premus 600

Kampac hose drum with pneumatic drive

Control unit

Manual Hose drum for joint tests with water

Test packer

Maxiflex Gel

Compressed air and pneumatic unit

Water tank

PC,  Software, Monitors, Printer for documentation and recording of the test results