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Rausch vehicle systems

Configured to your requirements


No matter whether you use a standard or a customised installation especially designed to your needs, our high-quality vehicle systems are designed for smooth operational and work processes. An ergonomic design creates a comfortable working atmosphere in the studio and the rear area.

Depending on need and size, we use vehicle models in the weight class of three to twelve tonnes as the basis of our CCTV inspection systems.

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Lightweight installations for the class B driver’s license up to a total weight of 3,500 kg

Our vehicles with a wheelbase of 3600 mm are designed in lightweight construction with innovative honeycomb technology. Even when fully equipped with the modular system of the M-Series and a power supply with lithium-ion batteries, the vehicle has a total weight of just 3100 kg.

Customised fittings for vehicles with longer wheel-bases

With increased space requirements – such as for additional high-pressure jetting units or pressure test units – we rely on vehicles with longer wheelbases. We also offer four-wheel drive solutions or box trucks.

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