Satellite system M 200

CCTV-inspection of laterals

Application range 200 mm - 1500 mm
(with electric lift)

With the lateral inspection system of the M-Series, developed by Rausch, inspections of mainlines as well as laterals from the mainline can be done in just one operation.

m series m200

Equipped with the specially developed innovative Rausch jetting system, the M-Series also cleans laterals. All attachments to the crawler are modular– with quick connect - making this a true plug and play operation. Optional EX-approval according to European standard 2014/34/EU.

Our modular top-of-the-line version M 200 is equipped with two high-performance cameras. The basis is the camera crawler L 135 with electric lift and optional rear view camera. In addition to the powerful pan and tilt camera KS 60 DB for precise pipe inspection of laterals, this system has the observation and positioning camera KS 135. In addition to the satellite camera KS 60 DB for the inspection of laterals, the PKM 200 takes over two central tasks: on the one hand it ensures accurate positioning of the satellite camera, and on the other hand it inspects mainlines from 200 mm upwards



 The chart indicates the possible combinations of the individual modules of the M-series:
M Series Aufbau

SKM 135


PKM 200