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Application range from DN 50


Omicron Schiebe Fahrwagensystem klein

The Omicron combines two worlds in one TV inspection system and is the first system in the world in full HD for pipe and sewer inspections in push and crawler operation.


Rausch Tab online 1

  • 12,1"-Touchscreen-Display
  • Integrated PC
  • Multifunctional joysticks
  • Easy to remove for office work
  • Controllable from all PCs, also from other manufacturers
  • Wi-Fi capable, LAN capable, USB, HDMI
  • Thanks to a Wi-Fi or Ethernet connection, the Omicron is compatible and controllable with any third-party system via a PC
  • Determining the diameter


  • Omicron is the mobile system with compact transport dimensions
  • The removable basket with quick release fastener as well as the simple quick-change system of the wheels support purposeful, effective working
  • Thanks to the variable folding option and rotating capability of the holder, the Rausch-Tab can be optimally adapted to the operating conditions
  • The foldable handle and the skids for stairs make the Omicron easy to handle
  • In addition to a rechargeable battery operation with exchangeable battery, the system also has a mains adapter
  • Optionally, Omicron is available in an explosion-proof version according to Directive 2014/34/EU

Omicron push modeOmicron Schiebebetrieb online

  • SAT 42 camera
  • KS 40 camera
  • KS 60 DB camera
  • KS 60 HD camera
  • Up to 80 m push cable (various stiffnesses)
  • Path length measurement in mm resolution
  • Expandable with LATRAS for pipeline route measurement
  • Determining the diameter

Omicron crawler operationOmicron Fahrwagenbetrieb

  • Crawler C 90 with KS 40 or KS 60 DB camera
  • Crawler C 100 with KS 40 camera
  • Crawler C 100 with KS 60 DB or KS 60 DB camera
  • Up to 200 m camera cable
  • Manual guidance
  • Crank handle
  • Path length measurement in mm resolution
  • Cross lead spindle optional

Possible combinations of cameras and crawlers

 KS 60 HD I KS 60 DB camera from DN 100

KS60 HD C90 online










KS 40 camera from DN 75

KS40 C90










SAT 42 canera from DN 50

SAT42 online










 LATRAS - LAteral Tracking System

The Omicron can be supplemented with the LATRAS sensor head. The documentation is performed using the Rausch-Tab.

LATRAS online











Crawler C 90KS60 HD C90 3

Application range from DN 100

  • For Omicron and Rausch compact systems
  • Wear-free drive motors
  • Steerable
  • 3 drive axles
  • 30° bends from DN 150
  • Low center of gravity
  • Compact design
  • Rigid attachment for small diameters
  • Manual height adjustment