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CCTV-inspection system ECO STAR 400

Our All-rounder!


alpha150_eco400_ks135Portable system for the operation of push cameras from 50 - 250 mm and steerable crawlers from 100-2000 mm. Control and operation unit with LCD display, crawler- and camera control via joysticks.

As compact portable unit the ECO STAR 400 is generally used in crawler mode in connection with the cable drum Alpha (manual) or Alpha 150 (automatic) having cable length up to 180 m.

The energy supply to the ECO STAR unit, is provided either by a 220 V external supply connection or a separate generator.
For CCTV inspections with a cable length from 180 up to 300 m the Quadtro 300 drum (i.e. in a van version) will be used.


Portable Control and operation unit:

  • Operation of digital crawlers
  • Maximum 180 m camera cable for portable range; up to 300 m as van version
  • 10" LCD-Display
  • Double line LCD status
  • Operation of pan and tilt cameras via joystick
  • Operation of steerable crawlers via joystick
  • Automatic illumination regulation of LED illumination
  • Operation of electrical cable drums with synchronized sensor control (Alpha, Quadtro)
  • Possible operation of push camera with alpha hasp
  • External video signal connector
  • Blend in of distance, inclination values, camera position
  • Software PipeCommander for documentation of CCTV-inspection
  • RS232 interface for note book connection

Cable drum:

  • Compact fully automatic cable drum Alpha for max 180 m camera cable
  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 600 x 400 x 600 mm, weight: 21 kg
  • Maintenance-free slip rings with protection class IP 54
  • Supply voltage 230V AC
  • Articulated arm and cross lead spindle
  • Infinitly variable cable drum regulation with clutch and brake
  • Electronic distance measuring
  • Spooling sensors for correct cable spooling
  • Optional: remote control for cable drum and crawler control