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LATRAS (LAteral TRAcking System)

This pioneering tracking system for the automatic measuring and graphic documentation of the entire pipe laterals is used together with the camera KS 60 DB.

The system’s control electronics capture the direction of motion of the LATRAS sensor head. These coordinates are registered constantly in
parallel with the inspection and allow the documentation of the laterals at the same time without any significant additional work for the operator.

With this new and important information about the pipe system the quality of the inspection is considerably improved.

Systems that currently use our M-Series and camera KS 60 DB can be upgraded with LATRAS.

Schaufel und LATRASSchaufel LATRAS KS60DBSchaufel mit PinKS60DB LATRAS Spüldüse

Technical Data

• Positioning of the LATRAS sensor behind the camera KS 60 DB
• Forward propulsion using the water pressure from the jetting nozzle for push and flush functions
• Specifi cation of direction and tilt angles
• Distance measuring by incremental encoder
• Online drawing of the pipe system with PicoMaps and xyz coordinates
• Recoding of measurements for forward and backward movement
• Re-calibration of the measurement results through endpoints
• Extendable with location probe with 512 Hz transmission frequency
• Operated through Rausch satellite system