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CCTV-inspection with pushing rod or camera crawler

Digital pan and tilt camera KS 60 DB

camera ks60d

Our KS 60 DB sets standards for seamless detection of even minimal damage to pipes.

  • Plug-in pan and tilt camera for crawler and push rod application from 100 mm diaemeter
  • Resolution of more than 540 TV lines
  • Manual as well as automatic focus control
  • Dual optical and digital zoom
  • Always upright picture by rotation
  • Wide-angle lens
  • Two laser diodes for precise measurement of pipe dimensions
  • Roll, inclination and tilt sensors for accurate-to-the-degree positioning and location determination
  • Integrated transmitter
  • Power-LED illumination with integrated add-on lights
  • Pressure sensor
  • Nitrogen filling adapter

Measurement function

Thanks to integrated laser diodes, the digital pan and tilt camera KS 60 DB is also able to perform precise diameter measurements.