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camera ks135scan

Camera KS 135

  • Pan and tilt camera, infinite tilt (using slip ring), pan 280°
  • 540 TV lines of resolution
  • Wireless additional lighting
  • Continuous pressure monitoring
  • Nitrogen filling device
  • Permanent upright picture
  • Lens with automatic diaphragm, auto focus, manual focus
  • Zoom: 10x optical, 12x digital
  • Lighting: 4 Power-LEDs with reflectors and 6 Power-LEDs for short range
  • Quick connector for additional pivoted lighting

Camera KS 135 Scan

Our main sewer inspection duo (crawler L 135 + camera KS 135 Scan) has other talents, too: Equipped with the optionally available scan function, it uses a 2-point precision laser to find even the smallest deformations in main lines and measure them accurately - selectively and over the entire distance.