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Dear all,

Rausch International Group’s Open House Event is very special to us, due to the unique ability to personally
show you the advantages of our more robust product portfolio.

From the smallest minCam push camera to the HD Rausch mobile system to the complete RCA 4.0 HD van build outs, we further expand our product
portfolio for sewer rehabilitation. Our new company Rausch Rehab is developing UV curing systems as well as intensity measuring equipment for UV light
sources and cutting robots, setting a new standard for the business. Via live demonstrations, we will show you how products with the latest technology will make your
customers more efficient in the future.

We are aware of our responsibility to take care of you and will organize our Open House Event accordingly. To do so effectively, we ask that you
RSVP by August 24th, 2021. The registration form and hotel list are attached. Thank you for your support.

We look forward to seeing you!


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  • Rausch and minCam intensify longstanding cooperation
  • Combination creates a world leading growth platform for the full range of CCTV inspection systems
  • Rausch and minCam remain independent companies, working together operationally and strategically from now on
  • New state-of-the-art facility to be built in Allgäu for further growth

Weissensberg near Lindau / Fischen in Allgäu, Germany, 20 December 2019. Rausch GmbH & Co. KG (“Rausch”) and minCam GmbH (“minCam”) will follow a joint path from now on. minCam, the specialist for push rod camera systems, acquired by Harald Quandt Industriebeteiligungen GmbH ("HQIB") in May 2018, and Rausch, the specialist for vehicle and mobile CCTV inspection systems, will harness synergies to further improve their combined market position in the globally growing CCTV market.

Rausch and minCam will remain independent companies with co-existing brands. The respective management teams remain unchanged. The companies will from now on work together strategically and operationally as a corporate group. The group is headquartered in Weissensberg near Lindau and will be run by Stefan Rausch and Hans Kjärsgård. HQIB will leverage the international Harald Quandt network to support the group’s further development. With 180 employees, the group ranks among the top-5 players in the global market.

Aim of the strategic alliance is to strengthen the international leadership position and broaden the product portfolio of the group in order to continue the strong growth path of the past. The companies complement each other with regards to their technological expertise and product range. Together, Rausch and minCam cover the entire catalogue of CCTV inspection systems from house pipes to municipal main lines.

In 2020, minCam will relocate its production site from Fischen to Immenstadt under the management of Thomas Viell. The purpose-built facility will facilitate the planned future growth of the group. minCam will hence remain at its strategic location in Allgäu.

“Our partnership with minCam and HQIB represents the next major step in confirming our position as one of the world market leaders in CCTV inspection systems. minCam has been a trusted partner of ours for many years and we are looking forward to the strategic cooperation. As a joint group and with the support of HQIB, we see ourselves well positioned to continue our successful growth story”, says Stefan Rausch, Managing Director/CEO of Rausch.

“The combination of Rausch and minCam creates an international growth platform for CCTV inspection systems which stands for quality 'Made in Germany'. Rausch and minCam ideally complement each other through their respective product portfolios”, says Gregor Harald May, Managing Partner of HQIB. “We will support the strategic cooperation between Rausch and minCam through the experience, resources and the international network of the Harald Quandt family.”

The parties have agreed not to disclose any details about the transaction.

About Rausch

Rausch is one of the world market leaders in the field of CCTV and leak testing systems for sewer inspections. In addition to standardized vehicles, the company also offers customized solutions. Continuous innovations and visions have characterized Rausch since its foundation in 1983. By developing the RCA 4.0 Full HD, Rausch has set the course for the future. Rausch offers its customers comprehensive service around the globe with its subsidiary in the US founded in 2004 and select partners all over the world. With a vertical integration of more than 90 percent, Rausch achieves a superior level of quality. Rausch has its headquarters in Weissensberg by Lake Constance and a subsidiary in Chambersburg PA, USA.

About minCam

minCam GmbH is a leading company in the field of CCTV inspection systems based in Fischen in Allgäu. The company specializes in push-rod camera systems (pan & tilt and self-leveling systems), which are primarily used in smaller pipes. minCam’s camera systems distinguish themselves through high quality, robustness and reliability. Its platform strategy allows minCam to offer highly individualized and customized solutions to its customers.

About Harald Quandt Industriebeteiligungen

Harald Quandt Industriebeteiligungen GmbH is the principal investment firm of the family Harald Quandt joined by a small, select number of (industrial) families and partners. HQIB invests in small and medium sized companies within the German-speaking region, that are leading in established and technologically sophisticated market niches with attractive growth potential. As an industrial holding company, HQIB pursues a long-term, sustainable investment approach and is not subject to any time restrictions or limited investment periods.

Rausch on Tour

Innovative quality by Rausch on tour world wide

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Service and innovation first – in Germany and worldwide

For more than 30 years Rausch TV has been developing and producing high quality CCTV inspection systems for visual pipe inspection and leak detection. The same high quality standards have also been applied in all service areas at Rausch.

Development, production, administration and one of many service centers are based at the company’s headquarter in Weissensberg at Lake Constance in Germany. Additionally Rausch offers an extensive and reliable service center network worldwide. In Germany customers find knowledgeable staff and professional support in the company’s own service centers in Duesseldorf, Winsen and Hoerdt near Strasbourg as well as at partner sites in Dresden, Luenen, Wiesentheid, Ingolstadt and Berlin. Internationally Rausch is represented in many European countries either with its own subsidiaries or through partners. Rausch Electronics USA offers a wide spread dealer network throughout North America.

Stefan Rausch commented: “Our high service levels combined with products of best quality and reliability are based on our vertical integration of 90% and secure our position among the market leaders.”

New Show Highlights – a result of continuous development

TVML Logo Rausch RZhe development of the Rausch RCA line already started in the 1990ies and continuously since then has set new trends in the market.

The RCA 4.0 was initially introduced at IFAT 2016 in Munich, Germany. As the first system worldwide it enables transmission in Full HD with a resolution of 1920x1080 pixel using copper cables and no optical fibers. This has become possible because of the specially developed and patented VML technology. This technology simplifies the service requirements and reduces the running costs.

The system control is connected to an industrial PC with 15” touch screen and multifunctional joysticks which control cameras, crawler and the satellite system. A second PC documents the inspection.

To measure deformations and defects starting from 150 mm the tried and tested Rausch camera KS 135 is now available in Full HD. For the range of up to 2500 mm the camera can be used on a floating platform or in combination with the crawler C 135 and a crawler extension.


 Worldwide novelty in camera technology

170222 RauschTV 016 Bearbeitet onlineFor the first time Rausch presents a satellite camera in Full HD technology. The camera KS 60 HD, suitable for diameters from 100 mm to 600 mm can either be launched with the modular M-Series by means of a push rod cable or in connection with a high pressure jetting system.

The RCA 4.0 is available in Full HD or can be purchased as a “Full HD prepared” system for later adaptation.

If customers are not able to handle complex Full HD data as yet it is possible to record data as MPEG2 with a resolution of 720 x 576 pixel.

The use of the RCA 4.0 can be extended to leak detection of single joints, pipe sections, branches and laterals.

Lateral tracking takes a new direction

Rausch’s new tracking system LATRAS (LAteral TRAcking System) was designed for automatic measuring and graphic documentation of the entire pipe laterals. The LATRAS sensors are positioned behind the camera KS 60 DB.

The control electronics capture the direction of motion of the LATRAS sensor head. These coordinates are registered constantly parallel to the inspection and allow to document the laterals at the same time without any significant additional work for the operator. With this

new and important information about the pipe system the quality of the inspection is being increased considerably.

 LATRAS Screen Shot

Hardware and software seamlessly linked

Rausch systems can be completed with the PipeCommander software and the PicoMaps mapping mo

dule. All relevant master data and inspection results are compiled in PipeCommander and can be edited easily from there at any later point. All projects are administered through a well structured menu and can be exported and printed at any time. Inspection data and results are available as videos, photos, protocols and statistics. PipeCommander can be used as software in vehicles for capturing data or as an office version for administration and processing data.

As a powerful additional module of PipeCommander, PicoMaps gathers all available geo-coordinates automatically from the database. Based on this data PicoMaps visualizes laterals in best 3D quality or automatically with LATRAS.

Lightweights made by Rausch

Rausch offers mobile solutions and built-in-systems for vehicles. This is based on a lightweight honeycomb technology. Even as complete vehicle inspection systems including the trendsetting modular M-Series and power supply through lithium-ion batteries the total weight does not exceed 3,100 kg.

Especially suitable for the installation in smaller vehicles is the modular System MOBILE pro. It features an integrated 12” LCD-Monitor, a digital MPEG 4 recorder with single image storage and an interface for PC connection.

The crawlers C 100 together with the camera KS 60 DB and C 135 with KS 135 cover an inspection range from 100 mm to 2500 mm and are controlled by two multifunctional joysticks.

With this modular and cost effective compact solution access to underground garages and tight side streets is easy. Additionally the MOBILE pro can be integrated in jetting and other vehicles.

Small giants

For the investigation of laterals the Rausch pull and push camera systems are the ideal solution. The smallest axial view cameras have a diameter of 13 mm. From 100 mm diameters onwards pan and tilt cameras are used. These cameras always offer a correctly orientated picture and can be located precisely through integrated trackers.

Cables of up to 80 m length are available.

The camera KS 60 DB meets the highest standards with regard to the comprehensive detection of even smallest defects. Thanks to the integrated laser diodes this digital pan and tilt camera is additionally capable of precise identification of diameters and defect measurements. If documentation is required the DELTA control unit can be purchased with an integrated MPEG recorder or PC.